Red Tablecloths

Make a perfect setting with our beautiful red tablecloths for sale, just right for your wedding, Christmas party, event or other special occasion. Our round red tablecloths will surely uplift the mood of your table setting, take advantage of our cheap wholesale prices.

Large Size Red Tablecloth

Red Tablecloths

Red Tablecloths

Red Tablecloths are made with 100% seamless polyester. Why settle for cheap tablecloths when you can get the best at deeply discounted prices, and qualify for free shipping, quality fabric, folded and stitched hems, NOT CHEAP SERGED HEMS, heavy-weight fabric 200/220GSM.

How To Set Up Banquet Tables For Large Events

Hosting the party is not an easy task. There are some factors to consider like the number of guests, the menu to be served, where will be its location and up to the designs of the flowers and decorations. Of course, the party will not be complete without tables and seats. That is why you have to set up the tables de banquet for the success of the party.

Tables de banquet, or simply banquet tables, are essential furnitures to any event. Without these, your guest can't eat and put their things properly. But wrong set up of tables can lead to disasters such as a waiter unintentionally spilling water on a guest, or very narrow chair spaces. Spacing and seating of the guests depends on the area of the event and the tables to be used. Banquet tables have two different types, circular and rectangular. You can choose from 6 ft and 8 ft wide rectangular tables. 6 ft tables can seat 8 guests and 8 ft tables can seat 19 guests. And you can also select circular tables from 48", 60" and 72" in diameter. 48" tables can seat 6, 60" tables can seat 8, and 72" tables can seat 10 guests.

The next things that you should learn about banquet tables are the table area and the table distance. Table areas are the land area that has taken by the table and the people who sits around it. Table distance is the recommended distance between one table to other tables. Consider these two because if you positioned it wrongly, people might not be comfortable moving from one place to another. The circular tables take more table areas than rectangular tables; but circular tables needs shorter table distance than rectangular tables. Always consider the number of people and land area for considering what kind of tables will you be using and where to place these.

After you planned your table set up, it is time to rent these tables. Rent from a well-known company service. If you haven't thought about table mantels, you may also consider renting them with the same company service. If you are looking for a different renting company service for the table linens, make certain that these will fit the tables nicely. Table mantels that are too short or long are very unpleasant to the eye, so watch out. And you can pick what colors and material will you be using, perfect for setting a theme.

Lastly, put decorations on the center of the tables. Remember that these must not obstruct the guests' view or they will have a bad time talking with others. And put some spare banquet chairs on the side, you will never know who of your pals will be crash gating at your event. Now you know how to set up the tables de banquet, now it is time to party. After your hard work; relax, have fun and engage in a conversation. Tables and seats are hardly noticed in events, but isn't it better than people complaining about them?